Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bones of Iqaluit

Over the summer, I've come across many stray animal bones in town. Over the next while, I'll be posting some of them.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Call of the Caribou

"Caribou are usually quiet, but they may give a loud snort. Herds of snorting caribou may sound like pigs. Especially vocal are the bands of cows and new-born calves, constantly communicating with each other."

In the past week, I've eaten caribou twice: in steak and stew form. This consumption of red meat has emphatically ended my years of vegetarianism. It's been a slippery slope lately. I went to wing night a couple of weeks ago, and, well, did what one does at wing night (besides drink lots of beer) and ate wings. I also ate an arctic char a couple of weeks after I arrived, along with a number of other fishy friends since then - none of which were caught by me, despite my efforts.

Considering the resources used to ship fresh vegetables up here, I don't feel all that bad switching to more local sources for food. (If you ignore the chicken wings.) I would like to take a moment to thank the caribou of the north for helping to fill my belly lately.

Also this week, I learned that caribou taste better when you shoot them while they're calm, rather than when they're running, such as when they're chased by a skidoo. Apparently, the acid builds up when they're running and it ends up affecting the taste of the meat.

I have as of yet, however, not put this knowledge to the test.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm on a road to nowhere

Last night, I went camping along The Road to Nowhere. I don't think I've mentioned this road on my blog before. There are undoubtedly many roads in the world that lead nowhere, but few have a street sign proclaiming that fact. Truth be told, there is a quarry along the road, but not much else other than lots of tundra, and a river, and many fine spots for arctic summer camping.

At night, I witnessed the northern lights for the first time as they smeared themselves across the night sky. Pretty wild.

Today, I got to use a nail gun while helping out at the habitat for humanity build in town. Last time I volunteered there, I got to operate the saw. I'll probably go back next weekend, and see what cool construction toy they let me play with next. Ahem, I mean, operate responsibly.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New things

Well, I survived my first week at the daycare, with only a few aching muscles and a sore back from interacting with my new preschool friends.

This was a busy week, because in addition to a new job, I also started volunteering as a tutor at the prison. This tutoring is a requirement for the online ESL teaching course I've been taking - for which I also had to finish two big assignments this week.

Phew! I've had a good weekend to refresh myself. Yesterday I went to a gospel concert, which featured a grab-bag of musical performances, including one by a group featuring the hot girlfriend herself, Kate Nova. She played my mandolin, which turns out to be a highly exotic instrument here in Iqaluit - a bunch of people asked what it was.I had a full night yesterday of drinking and eating and general Saturday night revelry. Today, unfortunately, fishing plans were scuttled yet again by more rain, which has been a recurring theme over the past few weeks.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A busy one-month anniversary

I celebrated my one-month anniversary in Iqaluit on Thursday by getting a job at a day care. Today was my first day.

About an hour after coming into work this morning, one of the kids was asked "what are your hands for?"* He answered, emphatically, "for pie!"

I think I'm going to get along fine with that kind of attitude.

*This is a frequent question. Hint: they're not for hitting. Also, teeth are for eating, not for biting. Remember, kids.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New White Stripes Video in Iqaluit

Hey, I've been to those red and white buildings - they're the old Hudson's Bay buildings down the road in Apex. And I think I'm gonna go fishing near that cemetery tomorrow. Cool!