Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Foggy summer

The fog and cold this week have been hanging onto Frobisher Bay this week like the swarms of giant Nunavut mosquitos on my exposed skin. The forecast isn't calling for sun or temperatures above 10 degrees for the forecastable future. The last nice day we had was Parks Day on Saturday, which was fun. You can check out Kate Nova's great photos here. I ate bannock from the bannock-making competition, took a geology walk, listened to throat-singing (super cool!), and watched inuit games, such as the high-kick:Saturday night I got to hang out by a campfire with fellow members of the Iqaluit Rank Amateur Fishing Society (IRAFS). The interesting thing about campfires up here is that you scavenge for scrap wood in town, instead of for twigs in the forest - since there are no forests - so the fire was made up largely of old two-by-fours with nails in them. It looked like this:Speaking of fishing, I did make it out again on Sunday to fish, but it was cold and windy, and once again the only bites I had were getting my lure snagged on the rocks. We have found a new fishing spot, which is pretty nice. Here's some photos from about a week and a half ago:

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Jen said...

We had a fire tonight and used our sealift containers, along with a bunch of other random stuff. The problem we experience is the fumes off the chemical treated wood (this would be part of what is scavenged).