Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Dewey Decimal System is alive and well

If there is nothing else in Iqaluit, there are lots of jobs. Somehow, I managed to stumble into a second one. I found out that the local public library was desperate for staff, so I've started working there - just on Saturdays, and a couple of days during the week. It's kind of an ideal second job - low stress, but intellectually stimulating enough to keep me interested. It's a good complement to working at the daycare, where a complete sentence is a major accomplishment for most of the kids.

This past weekend, I attended Mass Registration, where all the clubs/groups/classes/volunteer organizations gather in one room for one day to fill the calendars of Iqalummiut for the year. Which means I'm probably not going to be bored any time soon.

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