Thursday, October 25, 2007

increasing darkness, snow, and children

My week has been a hectic one. I started a new job on Monday, which I almost didn't start due to a police-check mix-up. My afternoons consist of a whirlwind of visiting classrooms with children who, at their worst moments, have climbed on top of their desks, climbed under their teacher's desk, sworn at me, worn laundry hampers on their head, and hit me in the face with said laundry hamper. Having said all that, mostly things have been going really well. Honest. I haven't planned any serious work yet, so we've mostly just played math-related games. Hopefully I can continue being the guy who visits the inuktitut classrooms and does fun stuff, with an increasingly focused plan to teach a full slate of math and English skills.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep a positive outlook as it gets dark earlier and earlier. It's already looking pretty gloomy by 5pm. I'm told we lose 50 minutes of daily light each week.

Also, it appears as though the snow has settled in as a long-term resident. My blog header shows the view from my window from a few days ago. My big red parka has became my new companion. Photos of me hidden behind my furry hood to follow.


S said...

Someone's probably already told you that the cold gets much much worse. Trust me, you get used to it. Somehow. When you've suffered through a few weeks of constant sub minus 30 degrees, your body gets the idea.

Kennie said...

Those students sound like mine! The climbing on desks, under desks.. mine don't swear at me as they know they can't get away with it (a trip to the office and a phone call home to their parents/grandparents often fixes the situation quickly).

Hang in there .. and get a really good parka and a headlamp for the dark season!

Dooner said...

I think I'm slowly getting used to the climate, since my nose has finally stopped regularly dripping after a few minutes outside. You're right, though, I haven't experienced the minus 30 yet.

The swearing incident I believe was isolated, and there were repercussions for it (and witnesses at the time). And, seriously, what's up with using the desks as a jungle gym?