Sunday, November 11, 2007


Everyday, I get alot of positive energy sent my way. I teach about a hundred kids each afternoon, and throughout the day they give me high-fives and friendly hellos. There are a lot of great people I've met in this town, who have helped me out as a newcomer to Iqaluit.

But, especially lately, I feel surrounded by alot of negative energy. Often, the kids at the school tease and bully each other and, obviously, give teachers like me a hard time. The lesson-planning and other teacher prep work I do is pretty stressful sometimes, but nothing compared to the emotional drain I've felt at the end of the day during the second-half of this week. And, for all the people I've met who know my name, no one (except for Kate Nova) knows me as well as my friends and family, who sometimes seem far away way down in Ontario. In a more abstract way, I think everyone around here feels sadness about the tragedy in nearby Kimmirut.

On a more positive note, however, I'm in the middle of a long-weekend since Nunavut very sensibly gives people a stat-holiday for Remembrance Day. Time which I'm going to use in part to prep for teaching. But mostly to chill out and surround myself with as much positive energy as possible. Although I am supposed to play Risk later, which is often a recipe for bitter, bitter global enemies. Unless I win, and all my enemies shall be vanquished.


Kate Nova said...

Uh, who got vanquished? 'Cause it sure wasn't me. Kate and the Global Takedown. Thx.

Dooner said...

True, as in life, the Red Army is no longer. It took a beating by Whitey.