Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas from Nunavut

Taken last night on the way to curling: the Nunavut Legislature, decorated for Christmas. Notice the cold taking visible form in the top left of the picture.

Today the temperature spiked to around minus 15 degrees, which seemed remarkably warm to me. Imagine how I'll feel when I'm back down south!

Oh, and as for curling, with our regular skip Stephanie out of town for the holidays, I skipped the team for the first time, which was fun. With my, oh, month or so of curling experience we managed to do quite well... no, we didn't win, but we got a couple of points, made a few good shots, and didn't get killed. (And we welcomed Bob Izumi Jr. to our team.)

Oh, and happy winter solstice. Damn, it's dark alot here.

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