Friday, January 11, 2008


As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently computer-less, after being the victim of a Christmas Day theft (sympathy cards are welcomed). As a result, expect blog posting to be sporadic at best over the next couple of weeks... until I get my new MacBook.

In the meantime, you can find out about my life through other bloggers like Kate Nova, or Bob Izumi Jr and his recent Dance Dance Revolution pictures.

I arrived safely in Iqaluit last Friday - although just barely, since my flight was greeted by a freak snowstorm that shut down half the town and almost sent my plane to Rankin Inlet. Luckily I got off the plane and got to experience the howling winds sub minus 50 degree temperatures - which ended up shutting down schools on Monday. I'm also off work today, because the pipes froze at our school and it's taking some doing, apparently, to get them going again.

Oh, also I have a new place to live, with a sort-of view of the bay, and new roommates, including a mastif. Photos to come... once I get the aforementioned computer, not to mention a digital camera, which is also missing from my life.

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