Thursday, January 24, 2008

When the school building takes sick days

So far in 2008, I should be thoroughly back into teaching after a much-needed holiday over Christmas and New Years. However, at my school, I've barely had any classes to teach. The first week back started with a day that was deemed too cold for school, and ended with frozen pipes that shut us down for an afternoon and a morning. The second week was broken up by a two-day professional development workshop for teachers, and as soon as we were back last Friday, a strange smell shut us down that afternoon. You'd think that smell would have been dealt with last weekend... nope. It came back on Monday stronger than ever. Tuesday morning, more of the same, but this time we tried to stay open. By the end of the day, I had a brutal headache and a burning throat, along with much of the rest of the staff. The school has been closed since yesterday (Wednesday), when they finally figured out there was mold in the building.

Long story short, we should be 3 weeks of classes into 2008, but instead we've had only about 6 very sporadic days of class. I will admit, it's been a very relaxed transition back into work, but I'm about ready to get back at it. The plan is to have classes on Monday no matter what, although we won't know for sure until tomorrow if these classes will actually be at the school, or scattered around town.

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KOTN said...

You think it is bad for you, we have a student there. NOt only is not learning, he is forgetting stuff he knew.

Think Bart during the Springfield teachers strike, flying a kite at night...