Friday, April 25, 2008

A beer on Friday

I haven't quite got around yet to my one-time plans of brewing my own beer up here, although I have run into some people in town that do. It makes alot of sense when you otherwise have to fly up your choice of brew. I may have to resurrect the idea after I recently ran across a review of this book - Fermenting Revolution - which posits that drinking and making your own beer can help save the world. Sounds like something I can get on board with. Check out the author's Beer Activist blog for some interesting reading , or another website I came across on the subject: Brew Like A Monk.
(Warning to beer-drinking Northerners: some of these sites feature delicious-sounding microbrews unavailable in Canada, much less in our land of canned Labatt Ice)



The Michel Family said...

Mmmm, beer!

I have become particularly fond of a local Cherry Stout.

Jesse is into home brewing. It's neat. And good, especially if you enjoy playing around with different hops. (Though, personally, I'm not way into hoppy beer). Though, if you have wallpaper, be careful!


Dooner said...

aargh, you're teasing me with you access to delicious locally craft-brewed beers. Especially in the states, where there's an even wider world of exciting little microbreweries than north of 49 (much less north of 60).

The Michel Family said...

Is it legal to ship beer from my home is the States to your home in the Arctic? I could have a heyday with that! If not, I will send photos. Either way, please supply me with your address via Facebook. Kristina--