Saturday, August 30, 2008

Return to the north

Hey folks!

Sorry about the silence lately. It seemed silly to post on Baffinblog when I wasn't on Baffin island. But now I'm back, and I've escaped the hustle and bustle of down south, to the, well, even more hustle and bustle of Iqaluit; at least in terms of how much work I have to do to get ready for classes on Tuesday in my new art room, not to mention settling into a new apartment (which is awesome).
This morning I tried to hit some house sales, because although my apartment is furnished, I have very little in the way of other things, especially kitchen stuff. Unfortunately, 10am is aparently not early enough to get the good stuff. I managed to buy coasters with windmills on them, a skipping rope, a jar of pickles for $2, and a PS2 game (even though I currently have no TV). In other words, totally impractical things I don't need at all. So, if you have any extra stuff to sell, let me know. Useful is better, but if the above list is any indication, I apparently will buy any old crap you have lying around.
Anyway, I've gotta get some more work done. If you're in Iqaluit, I'll probably run into you on a street corner before long (if I haven't already).

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Matthew and Michele said...

We just moved into our new (to us) house and I have just taken a truck load of said usless items to the dump. Nothing like moving into a smaller house to help with the purging.

(We didn't give up the XBOX)