Friday, September 12, 2008

Too much election, in only one week.

I got slightly immersed in election junkie mode since the write was dropped, but had to take a break mid-week... the negativity of politics got to me. Heck, I can't even avoid it by just reading the usual northern blogs.

Anyway, because I will spend an inordinate and unhealthy amount of time at news websites (eg:,, to name a few), you may run into some political commentary on this one as well.

The problem with following election news closely is that engaging discussions of issues quickly turns into lazy hacks hurling cheap insults at the national leaders and their parties, jumping all over campaign "gaffes," and hyping meaningless polls that swing wildly beyond their supposed 3% margin of error.

It sure can be depressing, but remember, depending on where you live in Canada, you have at least 100% more choice than Americans do in their upcoming elections. And if that's not enough for you, I'd recommend running a Ficus tree as a write-in candidate.

So, in the interest of positive political discourse, I've decided to try to say some positive things about all the party leaders and their parties.... (that way later on I can hurl cheap insults, complain about my possible choices, and be a lazy hack for the rest of the election.)

Liberals/Stephane Dion: He's probably my favourite Liberal leader since I've been old enough to vote. I mean, sure, that's compared to a man who was senile for at least his last 2 terms, and a mean spirited, wealthy industrialist, but still. Good for Dion for making the environment an issue in this campaign, and if nerdiness was the only criterea for being prime minister, he would totally win a majority!

NDP/Jack Layton: Well, so far I like most of the NDP campaign; they've called for a moratorium on the oil sands, really focusing on the environment, and they've come out swinging against Harper. Also, as a trivia note, I just found out that the NDP is the only party committed candidates in all 308 ridings. And I think if you vote for Layton, you get a free moustache ride... hey, why are you going?

Green Party/Elizabeth May: Well, she managed to get in the debate without having ever elected a member of parliament... mostly because she's less of a jerk than the other party leaders. The Green party platform is mostly pretty good... and I just found out that it includes a minimum 3 weeks of vacation, and a 35 hour work week, which are great ideas. Also, they really like trains. And margaritas.

Conservatives/Stephen Harper: Um, er, something positive? Let me think about this for a second... uh... errr.... blue is an okay colour. And the Conservatives haven't yet come up with a budget any more stupidly right wing as most of the Liberal budgets before them.

Wow, I even managed to say 2 nice things about the conservatives! See how easy that was?

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