Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Belated Nunavut Day

I almost forgot to mention - Monday was Nunavut Day. I got a collapsible plastic fishing hat and some sealskin key chains that were being given out by the government of Nunavut. I just missed, out, however, on the cotton fishing hats with the mosquito netting, which would have been a major score. I also missed out on partaking of the muskox burgers being served by the premier and the "country food" feast, featuring raw shrimp, arctic char and seal. But it was cool to hang out amongst it all, and I did manage to take this picture of what I believe is the seal waiting outside of the cadet hall to have its skin removed in order to join the feast (either that or it's the parts of the seal that aren't eaten all wrapped up):Also, general rocking out ensued:

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