Thursday, July 12, 2007

Arctic Sun

We're having a beautiful week here in Iqaluit (note: if you want to say Iqaluit like an Inuk, pronounce it "Ik-al-oo-eet", not "Ik-al-uh-it"), with bright sunshine filling the seemingly never-ending sky. Sunday, i got a chance to go fishing for Arctic Char. Despite my years of vegetarianism, I believe the fish could smell my blood-lust for their fishy deliciousness, and refused to be caught. But there's nothing wrong with spending hours by the waterfalls of the Sylvia Grinnell river, at the territorial park near town.

As we walked to the river, chunks of ice sit on top of a field of smooth round rocks, like spaceships that just landed:The landscape there was amazing:
Kate Nova casts her line:Finally, here's the obligatory shot of an inukshuk:

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