Sunday, July 8, 2007

On the town

My first week in Iqaluit has consisted of spending a few hours each day doing work for my ESL teaching course, drinking tea, and going out around town for walks and errands. On Thursday, I went for a walk around town that took me along the waterfront, which is a cool assortment of old boats and metal storage containers. Frobisher Bay, right now, is basically a giant field of broken ice; although in the distance you can see some big ships lingering, as if anticipating the clearing of the final chunks of ice so that they can get closer to shore.

Anyway, for those back home (aka "down south") who might be wondering what it's like up here, the green building on the left is where I live:This is the sign on the road into town from the airport; notice the Inuktitut writing on the speed-limit sign:
This husky, I believe, is thinking "yum, fresh Torontonian!"
This is the Iqaluit waterfront. Or should I say "ice-front"?There's Iqaluit, there behind the chunks of ice:...and from above:

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Harry Allen said...

Re: those "metal storage containers." They're sealift containers, also known colloquially as "seacans" and serve as de facto sheds.