Sunday, August 12, 2007

New things

Well, I survived my first week at the daycare, with only a few aching muscles and a sore back from interacting with my new preschool friends.

This was a busy week, because in addition to a new job, I also started volunteering as a tutor at the prison. This tutoring is a requirement for the online ESL teaching course I've been taking - for which I also had to finish two big assignments this week.

Phew! I've had a good weekend to refresh myself. Yesterday I went to a gospel concert, which featured a grab-bag of musical performances, including one by a group featuring the hot girlfriend herself, Kate Nova. She played my mandolin, which turns out to be a highly exotic instrument here in Iqaluit - a bunch of people asked what it was.I had a full night yesterday of drinking and eating and general Saturday night revelry. Today, unfortunately, fishing plans were scuttled yet again by more rain, which has been a recurring theme over the past few weeks.

1 comment:

Neiland said...

Doozer! Fishing in the rain is the best! So are exclamation points!!!

Seriously though, fish will often bite in the rain!