Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm on a road to nowhere

Last night, I went camping along The Road to Nowhere. I don't think I've mentioned this road on my blog before. There are undoubtedly many roads in the world that lead nowhere, but few have a street sign proclaiming that fact. Truth be told, there is a quarry along the road, but not much else other than lots of tundra, and a river, and many fine spots for arctic summer camping.

At night, I witnessed the northern lights for the first time as they smeared themselves across the night sky. Pretty wild.

Today, I got to use a nail gun while helping out at the habitat for humanity build in town. Last time I volunteered there, I got to operate the saw. I'll probably go back next weekend, and see what cool construction toy they let me play with next. Ahem, I mean, operate responsibly.

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