Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A walk along Frobisher Bay

Among my birthday gifts was a new digital camera, so I decided to take a short walk on Sunday along the beach before it got too cold. I couldn't believe I hadn't been down there since the winter began... the chunks of ice that rise up because of the tides are amazing. I will definitely be going on longer adventures out on the land soon. There's been a dearth of pictures on my blog recently, so here's a bunch:

The tides of the bay:

A mountain of tidal ice:
A crack in the ice marks the shoreline (I think):
Rock meets ice:

Land meets sea:


taxitalk said...

dude you went north, was it worth it tell the truth, or is it bad up there
o and how about global warming

Kate Nova said...

nice pix

Anonymous said...

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