Wednesday, July 23, 2008


You know what's weird about Toronto?

There's all these people around... I see so many of them when I walk down the street, and yet... I don't know any of them, and they don't say hi to me! Not even the children (of which there are very few). What gives?

Oh, wait, I guess that's what most people call "normal." But it sure is weird after living in Iqaluit.


Jennith said...

I find that I feel the same way coming back here after living in Thunder Bay or in the Maritimes even - and if you forget where you are and say hi - they look at you with fear or annoyance. Cities are crazy!

KOTN said...

Summer here in Iqaluit is great. Everyone is on vacation and I caught a char!

Kate Nova said...

hey you, update with with cottage pics!

Kate Nova said...

...and make sure there's some gaskin action in 'em too.